The 15 Must Have Wardrobe Basics Every Girl Needs

The 15 Must Have Wardrobe Basics Every Girl Needs

Hi! Today I bring to you a collection of my top 15 wardrobe basics everyone should have in their closet! These are easy, timeless pieces that work will with any other more trendy pieces you may have. I have this post separated into 3 parts, clothes, shoes and outwear. Let me know if you want to see a post of must have accessories, jewelry and purses!

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Must Have Basic Clothing Pieces:

1. BASIC TEES AND TANKS – White and Black

Plain T-shirts and tank tops are on everyones list of top wardrobe basics because they are staples for so many outfits. They can be paired with jeans for an effortless look, or worn tucked into skirts and shorts. They also pair well under any sweater or cardigan. For me, the two main colors to have are black, and white. If you would wear grey, nude, or navy, feel free to include those. I love nude, so thats a must have to me, but I don’t think it’s as key of a color. You can pair anything with black and white. Basic t-shirts are classic and can be paired with work wear as well, and Basic tank tops are perfect to pair under a cardigan, or with shorts in the summer! I honestly go with the amazon essentials ones because they’re inexpensive and I can buy multiples. My favourite basic tanks are from dynamite. Keep an eye out because they often have buy one get one 50% off sales!

2. JEANS – Black and Medium Wash

Jeans are another pretty obvious one on my top wardrobe basics. Pretty much everyone already has tons of pairs of jeans sitting in their closet, however not everyone has what I consider the 2 key types. A black, and a blue pair of jeans with NO rips in a cut that best suits you. I prefer a straight leg or mom jean with a high waist because they tuck me in, and I feel they pair more with things than my skinny jeans. though skinny jeans are another popular choice, and that is a great option to go with, I find a straight leg jean to be the most classic and timeless. I LOVE distressed denim, but jeans with no rips are key so you can dress them up or down. Ripped jeans are good to add to your wardrobe as an extra, but not as much of a staple.

3. DRESS PANTS – Black

The next item on my top 15 wardrobe basics is a pair of basic black dress pants. The style will vary depending on your body shape and preference. The most important thing when picking your basic pair of dress pants is to choose something with no detail or hard wear, and get a cut that isn’t overly trendy. An example of a style that is more trendy and less staple is dress pants with a slit open bottom. These pants are adorable, and very on trend right now but in a few years they won’t be as stylish. Pick something timeless!

4. CARDIGAN – Neutral Color

A cardigan (or a few) is the next must have wardrobe basic on my list. Really you only need one, however I always like to have a few colors. I usually have a black, and a beige or grey in my wardrobe. Cardigans are great to throw over any outfit for extra warmth and texture in your outfit. This is another amazon favourite!

5. KNIT SWEATER – Neutral Color

The next must have wardrobe basic is a knit or cashmere sweater in a neutral color. Ideally black, or a beige is a nice option as well. A knit sweater is another great way to keep warm in the colder months. A basic knit sweater is also a timeless piece that wont go out of style and you can keep and pull out seasonally for years. Knit or cashmere sweaters can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the accessories paired with it. You can also pair a plain button down underneath for a more business look.


That leads me into my next must have wardrobe basic; a white button down blouse. This is a classic timeless piece that will never go out of style. A white button down can be dressed up or down depending how it is paired. This piece will take you from day to night effortlessly. Pair a white button down blouse with your black dress pants, and knit sweater on top (optional) for a work look. Wearing your blouse tucked in to a skirt with a few buttons undone and a nice necklace is a great evening look. You can even wear your white blouse in a more casual way by undoing some of the first buttons, and doing a french tuck or half tuck into a pair of jeans. A white blouse is one of the pieces you can get the most wear out of!


A pencil skirt is another classic timeless piece to include in your wardrobe. This must have wardrobe basic is another multipurpose piece. You can wear a pencil skirt to the office or to a night out. Black is a safe bet as it will pair with everything!


This must have wardrobe basic is another obvious one. Everyone needs a little black dress in their wardrobe. I suggest going with a more classic simple style so you can wear it for many years. A simple black dress can be worn to almost any occasion (as long as it isn’t too short for the office). You can pair it with tights in the winter if it is cold where you live. You can even with a tight turtle neck underneath to make it warmer and more casual. Pair it with some cute jewelry and heels for a night out look.

9. SHORTS – Pleated black, and Denim

I decided to include both styles of shorts together for this must have wardrobe basic. I don’t wear shorts often at all, but I would say these 2 styles are key, especially if you do wear shorts more often. A pair of denim shorts are perfect for summer, and can pair with almost any top for a more casual everyday look. Pleated shorts are a more dressed up, classic style of shorts.

Must Have Shoes:

10. POINTED TOE HEELS – Black and Nude

The next must have wardrobe basic is pointed toe heels. I suggest having a black pair, and a lighter color like nude. I prefer a pointed toe because it helps to lengthen the appearance of the leg a lot in comparison to a rounded toe. The most important color in my opinion to have is black. However, if you intend to wear your heels with lighter colored skirts, dresses or pants, having a light pair is essential too. Pairing a black shoe with a light pant, or vice versa, can actually make the leg appear shorter than it is. Make sure not to pick a heel so tall you can’t walk in it. It’s better to appear less tall, and able to walk!

11. FLATS OR MULES – Black and Nude/White

Same idea as above, but in flats. Pick a style that best suits you. Some timeless options for flat shoes are loafers, or a pointed toe flat. Again with this must have wardrobe basic, I think it’s important to have a light and black pair of flat shoes to match with light or dark outfits. You can also opt for slide on mules, as this has been a popular shoe style the last few years.

12. BOOTIES – Black and Tan

I know it’s a lot of shoes, but different shoe styles can totally change an outfit. Certain styles fit certain occasions more than others. Booties are a necessity for where I live as it’s cold a good portion of the year. Following suit with the last 2 must have wardrobe basics, ideally you should have a light pair and a dark/black pair.

Must Have Basic Jackets:


A black leather or faux leather jacket is the next must have wardrobe basic on my list. A leather jacket can pair over almost anything to make a look a bit more edgy. For example, it can be paired with your little black dress for an edgy feminine look. You can also pair your leather jacket with jeans, a t shirt and booties, or even thrown over an athesiuire look.

14. Trench Coat – Neutral Color

A trench coat is a timeless must have wardrobe basic. This is another piece that can be tossed over almost any outfit. A trench coat can provide you a bit of extra warmth for spring or fall (or winter too if it is warm where you live). My go to color is a beige/nude. It adds some warmth to an outfit, and pairs nicely over light outfits as well as with black.


The next must have wardrobe basic on my list is a denim jacket. I usually go for a medium to light wash so it pairs well with anything, including with darker jeans. A denim jacket is a perfect piece to throw on for cool summer nights, or over a sweater in the spring and fall!

I hope this guide was helpful for you!


Kyla James


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