The Best Loungewear to get you through the Season

The Best Loungewear to get you through the Season

Hi! I hope you’re doing well, all things considered. Before we get into the loungewear, I don’t want to completely ignore the elephant in the room, COVID-19. BUT I don’t want to focus on it too heavily either. My blog is my escape, and I hope my page can be an escape for you as well. All I will say is I wish each and every one of you well, I hope everyone is finding ways to stay healthy and happy, and PLEASE stay home! If you are a frontline or essential worker, thank you. You are keeping the world going right now, and no amount of “than you”s can compare to how much thanks you are owed. Get reliable info on the current sitch on the world health organization website, or your governments website. K, enough of that, on to the post!

Right now, many of us are stuck at home all day, every day. Personally I am not working right now, so aside from my weekly 1 stop to the grocery store, I have been in my apartment for about a month and a half. I wanted to make a dedicated loungewear post showing some different lounge sets I have been LOVING, as well as some ways to mix different loungewear pieces. This is a style guide for loungewear and work from home outfits!


Loungewear sets are everywhere right now. It’s the latest thing, especially given what’s going on in the world. Even before everything flipped upside down, these sets were everywhere! Here are a few examples of the cutest lounge sets I’ve been shopping lately.


Neutral colors are my favourite, so many of the loungewear sets and pieces I have been loving are neutral. I love beige, and tones of nudes, as well as black. Grey is popular too, but it just doesn’t speak to me as much for some reason!

Luca + Grae Here to Stay Coral Set $69
Nasty Gal Run Baby Run Set $72.75


Printed loungewear is a great way to dress up your loungewear, but feel just as comfy. Patterns and prints are a great way to add a little fun to a lazy day outfit. Fun modern patterns and colors always boost my mood, and make me feel even more luxe and put together! Here are some examples I’m loving!

12th Tribe Weekender Star cocoa lounge top ($44) and pants ($50)
Luca + Grae Curvy tie dye lounge set ($72)


Another way to dress up loungewear is by wearing different styles of pieces. Wearing cute night dresses and vintage style nightgowns is a comfy and feminine way to mix up your loungewear! Another way is with rompers, and one pieces. They don’t have to look like your typical saggy unflattering onzies, they can actually be really cute! And finally, I also love pairing leggings with different hoodies or bralettes. For leggings, a way to elevate leggings as loungewear is to pick a pair with a cool pattern or texture! Pair it with a neon hoodie or crewneck and you’re set for netflix and chill!

Loveshackfancy Rio Pullover $475
Smash + Tess The Romperalls $119
Loveshackfancy Ruffle mini skirt $195

Loveshackfancy Iona dress nightgown $240
Smash + Tess The Friday Romper $119
Onzie Anaconda hoodie $68

These are the pieces that gave me major style inspiration. Let me know what you think of these, and tag me in your favorite pieces or shops on instagram! I hope this style guide gave you an idea of loungewear to pair up to elevate your looks.




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