The Absolute BEST Products at Sephora: What to Buy in Beauty Insider SALE

Best products at sephora

Hi! This post is going to be CRAZY. I am a product junkie, so I have so many best products at Sephora to share with you! This is a comprehensive breakdown of what to buy in the beauty insider sale. The beauty insider sale has 3 tiers which are as follows: Beauty Insider Sale for Rouge is 20% off from 10/30 – 11/9, VIB is 15% off from 11/3 – 11/9, and BI is 10% off from 11/5 – 11/9. Sephora rarely does sales that apply to everything, usually only twice a year. This is the perfect time to stock up on favourties, get some holiday shopping done, or splurge on that expensive item you’ve been debating on for a while.

To break down the best products at Sephora, I decided to categorize things into subsections because I have THAT many to share with you. Despite the sheer volume of products, these are all staples for me. I know that probably sounds crazy, but I have been shopping at Sephora for so long, and I have tried so many things. These products are all things I genuinely LOVE.

*Note: Nothing in this post is sponsored, meaning no one has paid me to talk about or include any products. All opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links which help support my blog at no cost to you. For my full disclosure click here.*

the best products at sephora - skincare must haves to buy in the beauty insider sale

Skincare: The Best products at Sephora

Below you can find shoppable links to all of my suggestions for what to buy in the beauty insider sale, and below is a description for pretty much every item.

Obviously, this list is MASSIVE. Skincare products are my weakness. Not only do I love what they do for my skin, but skincare is a huge part of self care for me. I definitely splurge the most on skincare products, hence why this list is massive. I’ll quickly break down each product incase you want info on them, but I wont go TOO in detail just because if I do, we’ll be here all day lol.


  • Youth to the People Kale and Spinach cleanser – This cleanser is great for any skin type. I have dry, acne prone skin. It’s clarifying, but won’t over dry your skin. Packed with tons of amazing antioxidants, and clean at sephora (means there’s no parabens, sulfates, etc.) this is definitely one of the best products at Sephora.
  • Farmacy Green Clean cleansing balm – Another of my favourite products in Sephora, the green clean cleansing balm is KEY for makeup removal. You barely need any, and it removes every single trace of makeup. It melts off so easily with water which is something I look for in an oil cleanser.
  • Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser – This cleanser was what first introduced me to chemical exfoliation (basically the best thing ever). Incase you haven’t heard of that before, AHA’s are chemical exfoliating acids that gently eat away at dead skin on the surface of your face! This one does have a slight gritty texture, but it’s gentle enough to use daily or every few days. This cleanser was a serious game changer for acne and texture on my face. I still go back to this cleanser all the time.
  • Fresh Soy Face Cleanser – This is another of my favourite cleansers, but this one I actually didn’t like the first time I tried it! I felt like it rinsed off too easily and didn’t leave me feeling clean. Now, I just use it with a bit less water and slightly drier face and its AMAZING! This cleanser is so gentle, so it’s amazing for sensitive skin. I’ve also noticed it has been awesome on my acne prone skin.
  • Tatcha Deep Cleanse – The Tatcha deep cleanse is ideally meant for oilier skin, however I still really like it despite having dry skin. The texture is so lush and it smells amazing and fresh. It has very small exfoliating pieces, though not too many making it still a great daily cleanser. I use this more as an occasional cleanser when I want a deeper cleanse.
  • Eve Lom Cleanser – This is another balm cleanser that I adore, and its definitely one of the best products at Sephora. A bestseller, and for good reason! It has a super rich, luscious texture. The only thing I’ll warn you of with this one is the smell. It doesn’t bother me (I’ve actually grown to like it quite a bit) but from reading reviews the smell seems to bother a lot of people. It smells of cloves which is an ingredient in it. This one also comes with one of Eve Lom’s muslin cloths which are great for removal.


  • Fresh Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Scrub – This face scrub is so lovely! Fresh as a brand has a lot of the best products at Sephora. They’re a Sephora Clean brand, which is something I love. This scrub is pretty gentle but still effective, and as a bonus it smells like a DREAM.
  • Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator – This is my all time favourite scrub. It’s VERY gritty, so it may not be the best if you have sensitive skin. This scrub is creamy but so deeply exfoliating. It’s what I would consider a micro-dermabrasion scrub because the pieces are so small!
  • Fresh Sugar Face Polish – The Fresh sugar face polish sounds similar to the first scrub I mentioned here, but this is actually a different one! It’s more thick and creamy in texture, and it has small gritty pieces. This exfoliant also doubles as a mask! Also it smells so good, once you smell it you’ll be repurchasing it just for that alone! This has been on my list of best products at Sephora for years.
  • Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta extra strength Peel – Another of the absolute best products at Sephora, the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta peel pads CHANGED my skin for the better! This is the best chemical exfoliant I’ve ever tried. They come in a regular strength and a gentle as well if you have sensitive skin. I use the extra strength personally. They’re pricey but SO worth it

Toners/ Essence & Mists:

  • Glow Recipe Watermelon AHA Toner – This is similar to a peel, but more gentle and generally okay for daily use unless you have very sensitive skin. This toner has such a cool texture; it’s a little bit thicker than a regular toner. It does feel slightly sticky but once you put a serum or moisturizer on top it’s not sticky.
  • Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Essence – The fresh black tea kombucha essence is pricey, but worth every penny. It’s anti-aging, firming and hydrating for the skin. I like to apply this with my hands and just press it into the skin.
  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir – This facial mist is amazing. This is one of the best products at Sephora, and it’s been a favourite of mine for years. It has a minty refreshing smell which leaves a cooling feel. This can be used as a toner mist, or during the day to refresh and rehydrate.
  • Caudalie Grapewater Spray – Similar to the last, this mist is great as a refreshing and rehydrating mist. It has a very fine mist which I love. the grapewater spray is super refreshing and hydrating, with very minimal ingredients.
  • Farmacy Deep Sweep BHA toner – The farmacy BHA toner is great if you have sensitive, acne prone skin. BHA’s (which is salicylic acid) is great for clearing acne and oil from within the pores because it is oil soluble. I even like using this on my body after shaving to help with keratosis pilaris (chicken skin) and dots I get from shaving.
  • The Ordinary Glycolic Toner – This is a chemical exfoliating toner. It’s pretty strong, so I only use this a few times a week but it has made such an improvement in my skins texture.
  • Laneige Cream Skin Toner – The Laniege cream skin products are SO hydrating. This one is a toner and moisturizer in one. I use it as a toner, but after using it my skin actually feels like I already moisturized.
  • Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Mist – This mist is seriously life changing. You can use it on bare skin as a refresh and rehydrate, or over makeup. I LOVE glowwy makeup; the dewier the better, and this mist achieves that.
  • Mario Badescu Lavender Mist – This is a basic mist thats great to throw in your bag or take on the go. The lavender smell is calming, and it’s great to refresh throughout the day and give you that glowwy look. Super affordable too.

Serums and Treatments:

  • Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment – The good genes serum has a thicker texture than most serums I have tried, but it’s super hydrating. It has lactic acid which is a chemical exfoliant, so it helps with texture, dark marks, acne, and dryness. Basically a do it all serum!
  • The Ordinary – I have a whole post about my favourite products from the Ordinary, so I wont bore you with the details here. If you want more info on those products click here.
  • Tatcha Voilet C Radiance Serum – This is one of my favourite vitamin C serums – and I’ve tried and hated a lot of them. This one has a super thin lightweight texture which I love. It contains 20% vitamin C which is a generally high percentage. I found it super effective at helping clear my acne scarring. It also contains 10% AHAs which, in case you haven’t noticed yet I love AHAs.
  • Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Vitamin C serum – This is my second favourite vitamin C serum. It has a slightly thicker texture than the tatcha which I prefer personally. Vitamin C is tricky because I find most of them break out my skin, and I have noticed many other people have the same issue with vitamin C. This one never does. It contains PHA acids, which are similar to AHAs but gentler. I find chemical exfoliation paired with vitamin C is probably what helps them to not break out my acne prone skin.
  • Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C serum – This is the thickest vitamin C serum, and I LOVE the texture. I love rich, thick products because they make my skin feel so plump and look so glowwy. This one doesn’t have AHAs with it, yet it still has never broken me out. If you have drier skin or prefer thick products you will love this one.
  • Drunk Elephant T.L.C Framboos Serum – Drunk Elephant is another brand that has some of the best products at Sephora. As a top selling brand, I have tried almost all of their products at least once. The T.L.C serum is one I have personally repurchased a few times now. It contains AHA’s and BHAs (is anyone surprised?) So it’s been wonderful for keeping my skin smooth and clear.
  • Fresh Rose Oil infused Serum – This serum is super hydrating and glowwy because its a mix of serum and oil. This is a super unique formula that I personally really like. It’s gorgeous to give you dewy hydrated skin.
  • Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol – another product from drunk elephant to buy in the beauty insider sale is the A-Passioni retinol cream. I LOVE this retinol. Be warned, it is very strong but very effective. Start slow with this one, using it maybe once a week in the beginning. This product was the biggest game changer when it came to clearing my acne and scarring. I use this when my acne and acne marks are the worst, and the next day my skin is visibly improved.
  • Drunk Elephant B-Hydra serum – B-Hydra is drunk elephants hydrating serum. It has a gel texture, and it sinks in really quickly. This is awesome to use paired with the retinol which is super drying. Drunk elephant includes a small sample of this serum with the retinol, and I personally love using them together so it’s worth it to have the full size!
best products at sephora

Face Masks

  • Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme mask – This PTR Pumpkin enzyme mask is a game changer. It smells like pumpkin pie which is just an added bonus. This exfoliating mask instantly makes my skin feel smoother and brighter. It has a gritty texture so you get a combination of chemical and physical exfoliation.
  • Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask – The jet lag mask is another of the best products at sephora. This mask is super hydrating, and also very multi-purpose. This mask can be used as a wash off mask, an overnight mask, or in a thin layer as a moisturizer or primer!
  • Laneige Water Sleeping mask – The laneige water sleeping mask is super popular, and for good reason. It’s affordable, and extremely hydrating without being heavy. I use this mask over my nighttime skincare a few times a week for an extra boost of hydration.
  • Glamglow Supermud Mask – This mask is perfect for oily or breakout prone skin. When it dries you can literally see it pulling oil out of the pores, which is gross but also very satisfying. It’s very strong, so I don’t recommend this for sensitive skin. Can be used as a spot treatment and left on overnight as well!
  • Farmacy coconut Gel sheet masks – These gel sheet masks are perfect for a spa night. They’re super hydrating, and because they are gel they fit so nicely on the face. Sheet masks usually slip and slide off my face but these ones actually cling and hug on. These are perfect to leave in the fridge to be extra refreshing and de-puffing.

Moisturizers, Oils and Eye Cream:

  • Sunday Riley Tidal Water Cream – The Sunday Riley Tidal cream is amazing if you like a light-weight, ultra hydrating moisturizer. It’s lovely a cooling gel texture.
  • Sephora Collection All Day Hydrator – This is a super affordable moisturizer that’s actually amazing. I was shocked I loved this as much as I do. The all day hydrator has a fluid, liquid-y texture. It’s very hydrating because it contains hyaluronic acid.
  • Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream – This is a richer face cream, which as mentioned, I love rich textures in skincare. This face cream is so hydrating and soft feeling. It leaves the skin looking super glowwy which I look for in a moisturizer.
  • Fresh Creme Ancienne Cream – The Fresh creme ancienne is probably the most expensive face product I’ve ever tried, so I’m sad I loved it so much. This is easily in my top best products at Sephora. This is seriously the THICKEST product I have used. It’s basically pressed oil, with anti-aging properties. I have no idea how or why, but this product literally clears my acne almost entirely in one night. Oh, and it’s handmade in a monastery by monks so… how boujie is that?!
  • Sunday Riley CEO glow oil – This face oil is my favourite one I have ever used. It has vitamin C and turmeric, which are both great for brightening, and turmeric is anti-inflammatory. This face oil is super hydrating and again, perfect to leave your skin glowwy and dewy for under makeup.
  • Kiehls Creamy Avocado eye cream – This is my all time favourite eye cream. The Avocado eye cream is super hydrating, and it has a slightly rich oil texture. It leaves the under eye looking super glowwy and bright, and it works amazing under my concealer or becca under eye corrector.
  • Lano Golden Skin salve – This product is a must have if you have flaky patches or flaky acne scars. Often times my acne scarring looks super dry, and if I try to cover them with concealer they look dry and crusty. That’s where the golden skin salve comes in. I apply this on my acne scarring before concealer and GOODBYE flaking!

Lip Balms:

  • Summer Fridays Lip butter Balm – This lip balm is amazing! First of all, it looks SO CUTE! Which like, why else would you buy a lip balm! But for real, lip balms always end up on my list of best products at Sephora because I just can’t get enough of them. This one has a subtle vanilla taste, and it’s pretty thick but not sticky feeling.
  • Laneige lip sleeping mask – The Laneige lip sleeping mask is one of Sephora’s most popular products. It’s called a sleeping mask but you can also use it during the day. It’s ultra hydrating, and also contains gentle enzymes that eat away at dead skin on the surface of your lips!
  • Bite Agave lip mask – This lip mask is super thick and hydrating. I love all of bites products because they are 100% cruelty free and vegan. They’re called “Bite” because the idea is that you could take a bite of anything they make and be perfectly okay because all of their products are super clean! This one is a little bit stickier and thicker, but I personally love a thick textured lip balm.

MAKEUP – Best products at Sephora for Makeup

Next on the list of best products at Sephora is makeup! I have less makeup favourites than skincare, just because I don’t wear as much makeup, but when I do I always want the BEST! If you’ve seen me on youtube (which you can find here.) or instagram, you know my makeup looks are typically glowwy and pretty basic, so this list reflects that. Everything is very wearable and everyday. Also if something doesn’t reflect your shade just click in and find one suitable! Everything comes in multiple colours so you can find one to suit your skin tone!

I’m not going to explain every single product, just because I feel a lot of them are self explanatory. Here are a few of my absolute must haves (things I use every time I do my makeup)

Makeup Breakdown:

  • It Cosmetics CC cream Illuminating – This is my all time favourite foundation product. It’s considered a CC cream so it has skincare benefits in it, but it also has decent coverage which I like! You can sheer it out by applying it in a swiping motion, or keep the coverage full by applying it with a pressing or bouncing motion. It cosmetics has different finishes of the CC cream but I always opt for the illuminating because I love glowwy makeup.
  • Hourglass vanish concealer – The hourglass concealer is my absolute holy grail concealer. It has fantastic coverage without looking cakey. A tip for getting the best coverage on your acne spots (which is what I use it for) is to apply it without blending it, then I move on to my brows and let the concealer dry for a bit. When I go back and pat it in with a sponge it really helps keep the coverage where I placed it.
  • Becca Under eye Corrector – Another of the BEST products at Sephora is the Becca under eye corrector. It has a subtle peach tone which helps cancel out dark circles. I usually just use this under my eyes – no other concealer or powder, but you can use this under a concealer if you prefer. Basically every concealer I have ever tried under my eyes get creasy and dry looking except this. Total game changer. It’s subtle enough to use on it’s own for no-makeup makeup looks as well.
  • Charlotte Tilburry Contour Wand – I love this for my bronzer. I use the contour wand mainly on my cheek contour but I also apply a little bit on my forehead as well. I love that it’s a liquid product. I tend to prefer liquid and cream products if I can because they stay dewy looking and powder sometimes looks dry on my skin. This blends out beautifully, and you hardly need any to get good payoff.
  • Fenty Beauty Contour match stix – I use the fenty contour stick to do nose contour because it’s a lighter color and I find I can get more precise with it. This product is perfect for a natural looking cool contour color.
  • Dior Backstage Glow Palette – This is my go to palette. Easily one of the best products at Sephora. If I could only use one palette for highlight, blush and bronzer it would be this one. The shades all have a slight shimmer that looks more glowwy on the skin. It’s not overly sparkly, and you can easily mix the shades or use them separately. About 99% of the time if I’m wearing blush, it’s the pink shade in this palette. I even use the shades on my eyes sometimes and it looks great!
  • Makeup Forever Star Lit powder shade 13 – The makeup forever star lit powder (I get shade 13) has been my go-to highlight shade for years. It’s a loose powder you can use anywhere. It’s so reflective and wet looking, and I get compliments on it so much!
  • Benefit Clear Brow Gel – About 80% of the time I don’t fill my brows, I just brush them up and make them look fluffy and I always use this brow gel to do it. I have tried other ones, but nothing compares to the benefit 24h brow setter. The brush on this one is unique too because it has 3 sides – a long bristle side, a short bristle side, and a flat side. The flat part is good for adding extra product where you need it most, and the bristle sides help to separate and brush the hair the direction you want.
  • Nars Oil Infused lip tint – I don’t often wear lip products, especially not matte lipsticks or anything, but when I do want a bit of color the Nars oil infused lip tint is IT. Easily one of the best products at Sephora, this lip is glossy, hydrating and adds just the right amount of color.
  • Beauty Blender – The beauty blender is a pretty obvious one of the best products at Sephora, but I included it anyways because I use it for almost every aspect of my makeup – foundation, concealer, contour, sometimes even blush, etc. I’ve tried so many makeup sponges, but nothing compares to the beauty blender. It’s so soft and squishy.

Body Products: The best products at Sephora for body

Here are shoppable links for everything to buy in the Sephora beauty insider sale for body! This list is a lot smaller, just because I don’t always want to spend the most on body products and it takes a lot to WOW me.

the best products at sephora, and what to buy in the beauty insider sale

Sephora Body Product Breakdown:

  • Sol De Janeiro – Sol de Janeiro sells some of the best products at Sephora. These body creams and cleansers are AMAZING. I said it takes a lot to wow me with body products, and these did. The Coco Cabana cream especially; it has such a unique texture. It has an oil-in-gel texture so it’s lightweight but VERY hydrating! It sinks in easily too which I like in a cream
  • Skinfix Resurface AHA Body Scrub – This scrub is life changing if you have bumps on your body, KP (keratosis pilaris) or strawberry skin (those little red dots where your pores show on your skin). I remember looking up How to get rid of strawberry skin, and a scrub with AHAs was recommended. After seeing that, I got this scrub and it’s been awesome for texture and it’s even helped the strawberry skin quite a bit! The backs of my arms are smooth now too so I really enjoy this scrub!
  • Comptoir Sud Pacific Vanille Abricot Perfume – If you love sweet smelling perfume, this is the fragrance for you! It seriously smells like cotton candy. So so sweet and dreamy, this has been my go-to scent for 2 years now and I love it.
  • Drunk Elephant Sweet Pitti Deodorant – Another of the best products at Sephora is the sweet pitti deodorant from Drunk Elephant. Sephora has so many options for clean aluminum-free deodorants which I love! I switched to natural deodorant about 2 years ago, and I will never go back! This may be TMI but it’s necessary here; I sweat a lot. And sometimes it’s stress sweat which if you have stress sweat before you know it doesn’t smell fresh AT ALL. This deodorant can control that for me, even despite having a very light smell. It smells sweet and kind of almondy. This deodorant has a cream texture which is a bit wet feeling at first but it dries quickly. It also has mild AHAs which help with under arm darkness and discolouration.

Haircare: The Best Products at Sephora for Hair

Shampoo & Conditioner:

  • Olaplex Shampoo and Olaplex Conditioner – Olaplex products are hands down some of the best products at Sephora. I’ve bleached my hair quite a few times (including once when I went from dark brown to silver hair in 2 appointments) and this SAVED my hair! It’s so reparative. They have a patented bond repair ingredient that actually helps reseal the hair.
  • Briogeo Exfoliating charcoal scalp shampoo – This shampoo is more of a once in a while type thing, not every time you wash but OH MY it’s amazing. The Briogeo scalp exfoliating scrub has a gritty texture that helps get build up off the scalp, and it has charcoal which is clarifying and balancing for the scalp. This is great if you have a dry scalp or dandruff. It also has a minty scent and feel that’s super refreshing.
  • Moroccan Oil Purple Shampoo – If you use purple shampoo, this one is definitely my favourite. Moroccan oil products are very hydrating in general, and if you’ve used purple shampoo you know it can be very drying. This one still isn’t as hydrating as a non-purple shampoo but it’s the best I’ve found and the colour is super dark which is great for canceling brassiness.

Hair Treatments:

  • Olaplex No3 – Much like I mentioned with the shampoo and conditioner above, Olaplex is GOD TEIR. Of all their products, the number 3 is actually the MOST reparative. This one is a pre-wash treatment that you put in your hair damp before you shower. Leave it in for a minimum of 10 minutes (I usually do 30 LOL), then you get in and wash and condition your hair as normal. This isn’t JUST for bleached hair though, if your hair is damaged from heat or styling, or really any reason your hair might be damaged this is a must have.
  • IGK toning drops – These toning drops from IGK are super cool because like I mentioned, toning shampoos are usually very drying, and you don’t always get what you want from them. Que, these drops. You can add these into ANY hair product to make it toning, such as shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, and even a bit in leave in conditioner. They also come in blue to help tone orange out of brunette hair.
  • Ouai Air Dry Foam – The Ouai air dry foam is a must have for heatless styling. You apply it in damp hair after showering – I like to apply it with a scrunching motion, and then that’s it! You just leave it and it gives your hair this gorgeous texture, and helps it dry into a tousled beach wave style.
  • Moroccan Oil Treatment – I have been using the classic moroccan oil treatment since I was an actual child. Like I’m talking probably 12 years old. I have extremely puffy, thick, frizzy hair that I use to be so embarrassed of as a kid (and even now when it’s super puffy). The moroccan oil treatment smells delicious, and it makes your hair SO soft and silky and helps take down frizz.

Hair Tools:

  • T3 Curling whirl pro – I love t3 styling products, so it wouldn’t be a best products at Sephora list without featuring some of these. They have a few different products which I have linked above – a curling iron, the whirl pro, and a straightener), but the whirl pro is definitely the best bang for your buck. Hair tools are a great thing to buy in the beauty insider sale because it’s the best price you’ll get since these rarely go on sale. The whirl pro is interchangeable and includes a large barrel for big loose curls, a tapered barrel for beachy waves, and a narrower barrel for tighter curls. I love all of these, but my most used is the largest barrel because I love loose curls.
  • Briogeo Scalp massager – This Briogeo scalp massager is made of silicon and is great to use in the shower with the exfoliating scalp scrub. It’s definitely not necessary, but very nice to have especially if you have thick or long hair because it really helps to get in there with the scrub. Plus, it feels amazing.
  • Slip Silk hair ties – I will never go back to using regular hair ties again. The slip silk hair ties changed the hair tie game for me, and since then I’ve purchased probably 4 packs of the regular, plus I now have a pack of the larger scrunchies too. Silk is amazing because it doesn’t rip or get tangled in the hair at all, and they leave very little creasing. I was worried these hair ties wouldn’t stay in well because they’re silk, but they stay in all day.

Hair and Skin Tools: Best tools and products to buy at Sephora

Here are the tools to buy in the Sephora beauty insider sale. Some are repeats (the hair tools).

Tools Breakdown:

  • Slip silk pillowcase – If you have been pondering a silk pillowcase, now is the time to get it while you can get 10-20% off. Silk pillowcases are amazing for a few reasons. First off, silk is naturally anti-bacterial, so while yes you still need to change it frequently, silk is amazing for acne prone skin because there will be less spread of bacterial. Silk also allows your skin and hair to glide easily across the pillow. This is important because it prevents tugging – when your skin is tugged on it can lead to more wrinkles. When your hair is tugged by your pillow case, it can lead to damage, tangling and breakage.
  • Slip silk eye mask – If you like to sleep with an eye mask on, it’s a good choice to go with silk, for the same reasons mentioned above.
  • Herbivore Jade roller – Another of the best products at Sephora is a jade roller. I have the herbivore one linked here and it’s amazing. Jade rolling can help lift and firm the skin, it helps your serums and oils sink deep into the skin, and it can help promote lymphatic drainage from the face which aids in reducing puffiness. Keep your jade roller in the fridge for extra soothing and de-puffing.
  • Shiseido facial cotton – This may seem like a weird thing to write about, but trust me if you try these facial cotton pads you will understand. They’re not a regular cotton pad, they’re a cool cotton pad. (Hope you get the reference). These are plush feeling and so thick, and they never shred or leave fuzzies on the skin.
  • Sephora collection facial razor – If you haven’t tried dermaplaning you totally should! It’s a little razor that shaves peach fuzz and dead skin off the surface. It sounds scary but these blades are very easy to use. Skin looks visibly smoother and makeup goes on SO much better with all the peach fuzz out of the way. I remember when I first tried it I was SHOOK that my skin could look and feel that soft. If you haven’t tried it before I recommend looking up a youtube video just to make sure you know how!

KITS: The Best Holiday Kits at Sephora

Some of the best products at Sephora are the kits and gift sets they well. I thought I’d also include here the best of the best holiday kits because this is what I usually look to buy in the beauty insider sale! Why not get more for your money, or get what you love PLUS get to try some new goodies with it! The kits for the most part contain products I’ve explained up above!

And that’s all for my Best Products at Sephora list of what to buy in the beauty insider sale! Thats all… as if I listed off 5 things haha! I hope you found this list helpful, or maybe saw a product on here you have been thinking about for a while! If you have any questions or want to hear more about a product feel free to message me on instagram here, I LOVE talking products with you!

Tag me as well in a photo of what you pick up from the sale! Seeing what other people get might even be more fun to me than shopping fo myself!




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