This spring summer trends post is coming a little late, but better late then never right? Despite this post coming a bit late, hopefully it will still be a good resource for summer trends as well as spring! I love following the trends on runways, to see what will inspire the designs and clothing we see on the highstreet. Following fashion trends is super fun because trends always come in and out, and it’s so cool to see the modern spin on older/retro styles. With that, here’s what I noticed on the runway this season.


One of the best spring summer 2020 trends is puffy sleeves. Featured on many runway looks, puffy sleeves are huge this season. Puffy sleeves are being seen on tops, dresses and over wear. They can be dressy, to super casual and anything in between. I love a puffed sleeve to elevate a basic top. Totally basic pieces seem so much more intricate and detailed with a puffed sleeve, and it works on ANYTHING! T-shirts, blouses, even t-shirt or baby doll dresses. This trend is so fun, and feminine.


Ruffles are another big one of the spring summer trends of 2020. Designer brands are being more creative this season with ruffles. Looks featuring ruffles diagonal across the front of dresses, down sleeves, sticking out under layers, and dramatized ruffles have all been seen on this years SS20 runways.  Ruffles can be harder to style, being not the most universally flattering, but I think with the more creative placing ruffles will be easier than ever to style for all body types.

Tiers and ruffles are somewhat similar styles, but tiered dresses have been so common on the runways they deserve their own paragraph. Tiered dresses, especially dramatic silhouettes with lots of volume, are a coming 2020 spring/summer trend. The silhouette is super cool, flirty and feminine. Tiered dresses can be wearable as well, they don’t have to be massive!


Another huge trend on the runway this spring summer 2020 is pleats. Pleats create an added touch of detail to an otherwise basic piece. Long flowing silhouettes with pleats are everywhere this season. Pleats can be masculine (pant pleats), but paired with ultra feminine dresses and skirts is such a beautiful blend of masculine and feminine.


On the spring/summer runways this year we saw a lot of sheer fabric. Sheer layered dresses, sheer sleeves on tops, and even completely sheer dresses we’re a hot topic in the spring summer 2020 shows. This trend can be super wearable, and we will see a lot of pieces on the highstreet featuring sheer elements. In regular daywear, sheer sleeves, or a sheer top layer on a dress is a great way to insert this trend into your wardrobe.


OKAY so I lied, puffy sleeves may not be my favourite of the spring summer trends of 2020. Bra tops may take the cake. And I know what you may be thinking. Wearing a bra as a shirt? But seriously, this trend is so cute! It’s not truly bras that we are seeing on the runways, but ultra cropped tops, with bra like silhouettes. Not your classic underwire padded bra, but rather we are seeing bralette like shirts. Bra tops are an easy way to effortlessly blend feminine and masculine styles. Pair with super high rise bottoms, or an oversized men’s blazer. Bra tops are also often styled as an under layer with a matching over layer, as seen (and LOVED) on Katie Holmes. Her style went viral when she was seen out in a matching knit (another SS20 trend) bralette and cardigan.


Shorts are always a 2020 spring/summer trend, because duh, it’s getting hotter out. This year on the runway we’ve been seeing a new take on an old classic. Two different extremes with shorts – super long, boxy Bermuda shorts, and micro short hot pants. The Bermuda shorts we’ve been seeing aren’t your typical “dad on vacay” either, they’ve actually been updated and are now seen on the catwalk as part of suiting sets. Baggy and pleated long Bermuda shorts made of a suiting material are seen allover the runway this season. This style does look kind of effortless and chic


Matching separates are another 2020 spring/summer trend I am in love with. I LOVE matching sets/separates. These pieces make getting dressed so easy, and look so put together. Matching separates have been growing in popularity on and off the runway for a while, so it’s no surprise they’re here to stay for a bit. Especially matching separates in loud patterns, and different materials. Popular styling will be 2-3 piece matching pieces, suiting sets with matching blazer and shorts, crocheted sets, and knitwear sets.


Leather in any color is a super popular 2020 spring/summer trend this season. Pieces like colored leather pants, trench coats, and shirts have all been spotted on the runways and in the high street. H&M put out a pair of hot pink leather straight leg pants in their latest studio drop, and they sold out instantly. Despite colored leather being a traditionally more “loud” and hard to style piece, I think we will see more people hopping on this trend.


Drawstrings are a 2020 spring/summer trend featured a lot on the runway. Designers have been placing drawstrings on a lot of styles this season. Drawstrings and ties are even being featured on more dressy slacks. Designers have been getting dreative with plasing drawstrings, by adding them to sleeves or around the waist of a jacket to cinch the fabric. More of a trend on social media, shoestrings are being used a lot as belts. Popularized by Emma Chamberlain, a lot of girls are seen using a shoestring as a belt to cinch their pants.


Or, as Harpers Bazaar called it: “60’s wallpaper”. Super fitting honestly. This 2020 spring/ summer trend of floral patterns is definitely big and bold! Large floral prints in bright, contrasting colors are everywhere. I always see vintage styles trending on pinterest lately, and the bright large 60’s florals totally fit the vibe. Patterns with smaller ditsy flowers, and more dramatic silhouettes are super popular as well!


Neon colors are back in as a 2020 spring/summer trend! Neons come in and out of style every few years. There is usually one main neon color that is the statement color of the season, and for this years spring summer it’s HOT pink. I honestly love neons, especially this pink!


I’m combining these two 2020 spring/summer trends together because they’re similar fabric to me. Knits and crochet pieces are coming back in this spring/summer season. Knitwear usually isn’t a spring or summer style, but this season were seeing more knit cardigans, knit crop tops and matching separates. Crochet is big this season too, which again ties in to the vintage 60’s feel. Crochet dresses, tops, and matching sets were everywhere on the runways.


Designers are getting creative with necklines to create new sihlouettes. On the spring summer 2020 runways we saw many different necklines. Square necklines, sweetheart necklines, and necklines with more a more victorian element stood out.


From long suit shorts to micro hot pants, hemlines are a big focus this season. Super short shorts were in a lot of looks during the spring summer 2020 fashion weeks. Longer skirts with dramatized slits are also a huge focus in fashion right now.


Spring summer 2020 brought us lots of double breasted blazers, big lapels, and flare/bell bottom jeans. Many designers incorporated a 70’s vibe with bright retro patterns, and flare cuts. A 60’s element was also present with crochet dresses and kimonos. Waistcoats and vests also have a vintage/ retro feel. Spring summer 2020 brought vests and waistcoats out of the archives.


Flowwy white airy dresses with angelic silhouettes were all over the spring summer 2020 runways. This trend is ultra effortless and feminine. White flowing dresses will be all over the highstreet as well, because this is a very wearable trend.


As far as patterns, we talked floral already. Next is polkadots! For spring summer 2020, polkadots are a huge trend. Large polka dot patterns give a retro feel.

To keep up with the latest trends, these are my favourite magazines, which you can browse online or on instagram as well!:

Hopefully this recap of the spring summer trends for 2020 was helpful for you. Seeing everything compiled into one page is super helpful so I can keep all the trends and ideas fresh in my mind, and the trends are usually in the back of my mind as I shop! Let me know what trends are your favourite!




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