How to Grow Hair Faster and Longer: Hair Growth Products and Tips that ACTUALLY Work

How to Grow Hair Faster and Longer: Hair Growth Products and Tips that ACTUALLY Work

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Hi! This post is all about how to grow hair faster. Today I’ll be showing you all the tips and products that helped me to grow my hair long quickly! For reference, here is a photo of my hair before I cut it!

These first two images are before I cut my hair:

This image is from March 11th 2020 when I cut my hair (about 6 inches). It’s the only photo I could find. My hair was about just above my boobs/ on the top, it’s hard to tell but you can kind of see in the photo it isn’t below my boobs anymore.

How to grow hair quickly, fast hair growth

These last 3 images (screenshots from my IGTV) are from June 30th (posted to IG July 6 but I filmed it a week before!)

So in about 4 months my hair grew around 5-6 inches. If you’re wondering how to grow hair faster, this is what worked for me!

How to grow hair faster: Tips

My first tip (one that has made a HUGE difference in how quickly my hair grows) is to not use any heat on my hair. Any time I’ve wanted my hair to grow QUICKLY, I stop using any heat on it. Absolutely no blow dryer, no straightener or curling iron, nothing.

Honestly, a lot of us fall victim to frantically searching things like: how to grow hair in a week, how to grow hair 3 inches in a month, things like that. While you can definitely speed up hair growth (I’ve seen it myself!) unfortunately you probably won’t see much difference in a week, and over analyzing will make it feel even slower!

I remember being in high school and going a month with my hair in a bun every day because I was so used to flat ironing my hair every day that I hated it natural and just wore it up. Before I knew it, one day I took the bun out and realized my hair had grown about 3 inches! I was mind blown at how simply not putting any heat on my hair could help it grow so quickly.

Another tip for how to grow hair faster is preventing breakage. This ties in to not using any heat, but hair will appear shorter if the ends are breaking off and damaged because you will be losing some length on the ends from hair breaking off. Preventing breakage is a free way to help your hair grow without needing to buy any products.

I recommend getting silk hair elastics or pillow cases if you really want to prevent damaged hair and breakage. Silk allows your hair not to pull or tug, and it helps the hair not become too tangled up as you sleep or wear your hair up. I really like the slip silk hair elastics for this. They never crease or tug my hair. I got my silk pillow case at Winners, but I will link similar down below.

How to Grow Hair Faster with Supplements

Supplements are another way to help hair grow quicker. A lot of people promote hair growth vitamins (sugar bear hair being a popular example.) I personally haven’t tried those, so I don’t know how well they work, however COLLAGEN is very effective. I’m not sure that collagen is supposed to make hair grow, but it absolutely does have a side effect of fast hair growth.

I have had so many women recommend me to take collagen for hair growth, and I didn’t believe it would actually work. I was interested in taking collagen anyways for it’s benefits for the skin and joints. To my surprise, my hair grew much quicker than usual! I use the Vital Proteins collagen powder, but you can also get capsules, flavoured coffee creamer powder, and even gummies.

A home remedy to help hair growth is scalp massage, which you can use oil with as well! I recommend castor oil which helps promote hair growth. Massage gently in small circular motions. Going in smaller circles as opposed to big circles helps to not tangle the hair. I also like to use the Briogeo charcoal scalp shampoo once a week or so to remove buildup, and when I do I use their scalp massage tool in the shower to really get in there, and it helps to stimulate the scalp.

When I use oil for scalp massage, I do it on a night where I have nothing to do the next day so I can keep the oil in for a while or sometimes even sleep with it on my scalp. The next day I’ll shampoo my hair with the clarifying shampoo to make sure the oil is all out. Briogeo has a castor oil which is amazing and it’s clean and cold pressed, but you can also get one on amazon which I’ve linked here.

Best Hair Products for Hair Growth

My favourite shampoo and conditioner for hair growth comes back to breakage, and fixing damaged hair. That’s why my main recommendation for haircare products to help hair grow quickly is OLAPLEX!

I use the Olaplex no. 3, and the shampoo and conditioner (olaplex no. 4 and 5). These are GAME CHANGERS! How to grow hair faster all comes down to really taking care of the hair. Olaplex no 3. is a pre-wash treatment to help reseal the ends of hair, get rid of breakage and damage. If you do use heat on hair, or color/ chemical treat your hair, this is a must have. When it comes to how to grow hair faster, bleaching and dying should be avoided too if possible!

I started the process of going blonde in February, (which took longer due to Covid-19) and the olaplex no 3 has completely saved my hair. Bleaching and dying hair can be super damaging. I like to use the olaplex shampoo and conditioner in combo with the 3 to really help heal my hair. I have found since using these, my hair grows even faster! There have been times where I run out of this shampoo and conditioner and I try something else, and I have definitely noticed a difference in how my hair grows and feels!

Many of the products I have mentioned can be found on amazon, but If you’re looking for some more amazon hair growth products, I found this article from Byrdie super helpful!

How to Grow Hair Faster: Product Links

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