30 Helpful Journal Prompts for Self Discovery

journal prompts for self discovery

Journaling has changed my life. It’s an amazing way to process emotions, and really feel out what you want in life. I use these journal prompts for self discovery to really gauge how I’m feeling about life, myself, and my goals. Often, I find the thoughts in my head are bouncing around so much that the only way to process is to get them out on paper (or screen). Also, journaling is a great tool for manifesting. I love both digital journaling, and pen to paper journaling. The digital journal I use is from @ shethespy on instargam! I will also link it here. (Not sponsored or affiliate, I just REALLY love her digital products.)

Digital journal showing how to write journal prompts for self discovery on an ipad
She The Spy digital notebook landscape

These journal prompts for self discovery are meant to help you unlock what makes you, you! These prompts have helped me dig up how I’m actually feeling, get to some of the root of my anxiety, and even figure out what steps I actually want to take to be the best version of me. Hopefully you find these prompts helpful! And feel free to repeat some if you feel it will help you. These can also be done in any order. There’s no rules!


  1. How are you REALLY feeling today? Be honest with yourself.
  2. What makes you feel the most YOU? Also, when do you feel the most yourself?
  3. Describe your highest self. Write out what you feel is stopping you from being that. See below the tips if you aren’t sure what this really means.
  4. What are 3 things you can do to be in line with your highest self? How can you achieve these?
  5. Describe your dream life as if you already have it. (For example, I am a successful blogger, making enough to live comfortably in _____. Continue on).
  6. What areas of your life do you want to improve? Why?
  7. What drains you?
  8. What do you get the most excited about? Explain how it really makes you feel.
  9. What do you feel is holding you back from achieving your dreams? (time, money, etc.)
  10. What can you do to remove that barrier? Is there anything you can give up now to achieve your dream in the future?
  11. What do you value most in a partner or friend?
  12. What do you value most in yourself?
  13. Do you do enough self care? What can you do more of to take care of yourself?
  14. Are there habits that you want to let go of?
  15. Write out what an ideal day looks like for you.
  16. If money, resources and time weren’t an issue, what would you want to do?
  17. What are negative thoughts you hold on to? Write them a goodbye letter.
  18. What are you truly passionate about?
  19. What do you want to achieve in the next week? Month? Year? Be Realistic! The best goals are achievable!
  20. What are you most grateful for? Write as many as you can!
  21. How do you react to negative thoughts and emotions?
  22. What do you love the most about yourself?
  23. What habits do you want to let go of?
  24. Are there fears holding you back from achieving your dreams? what are they?
  25. How can you let go of the fears that hold you back?
  26. What things do you love more than anything?
  27. If you could have one thing RIGHT NOW, what would it be? Why?
  28. What is something you have always wanted to learn?
  29. What do you do when you feel down or sad? Is it healthy for you?
  30. Who or what makes you feel the most inspired?

What is your highest self?

I wrote this in case you aren’t sure what your highest self is. Your highest self means, to me anyways, who you are at your core. When you remove your ego, and get to the basis of who you are or what you want to be. Your highest self is even above your soul. It’s essentially your purpose for living and your connection with the universe. I know it probably sounds really woo-woo, but even if you aren’t as spiritual it’s important to know who you are above all the daily interferences.

Self care is another great way to feel your best! I mentioned habits and self care in a few of these journal prompts for self discovery. If you’re looking for ideas of self care you can easily insert into your routine, and healthy habits to start you can read my post on that here.

600Some of the many notebooks I have for writing journal prompts for self discovery

I hope you found these 30 journal prompts for self discovery helpful! Tag me on instagram if you use any of these prompts! I’d love to see your journaling!


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